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We measure success in a number of ways of course project wins matter  but also what we do as an organisation for our environment around us. We can’t support everything but our areas of interest are.


PSP: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

We previously supported this programme engaging with a clinical trial being undertaken at UCLH to widen knowledge of this neurological disease.

Primary education across Sub Saharan Africa ( PEAS)

A clear passion for us is education and we think the team at PEAS are doing a fantastic job undertaken a new schools opening programme in Uganda. We’ve sponsored a class room so far but with your help would like to get to a school.


If you would like to hear more about we are doing or would like your organization to get involved please contact us.


About Molvodi

Molvodi Ltd  is a privately held industrial engineering design business, we operate across multiple sectors with a team combining the disciplines of electronic, mechanical and software engineering. The teams combined expertise spans multiple decades and has been enhanced by the availability of core UK based teams but enhanced with overseas capabilities, allowing us to deliver large projects on the ground.

Our customer base consists of the leading players across a number of industry segments , all united by their requirements for high reliability within extreme operating environments. For some examples of projects we have been involved with please review our Industry section.

Our multi disciplinary international team have been delivering to tight deadlines and budgets by using standard of the shelf technologies wherever possible , thus negating the need for high upfront development costs. We believe strongly in value engineering and the ability to rapidly enter a market segment. Thus ensuring our customers engagement across multiple projects.

Why not contact us with your requirement for a discrete discussion ( see contact us page).