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We measure success in a number of ways of course project wins matter  but also what we do as an organisation for our environment around us. We can’t support everything but our areas of interest are.


PSP: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

We previously supported this programme engaging with a clinical trial being undertaken at UCLH to widen knowledge of this neurological disease.

Primary education across Sub Saharan Africa ( PEAS)

A clear passion for us is education and we think the team at PEAS are doing a fantastic job undertaken a new schools opening programme in Uganda. We’ve sponsored a class room so far but with your help would like to get to a school.


If you would like to hear more about we are doing or would like your organization to get involved please contact us.



The team have a very broad experience base in both wired and wireless communications for the private and public sector.

This encompasses all aspects of hardware, embedded and higher level software interfaces.

We have a history of product development in various differenct frequency spectrums including the following;

ISM Bands deployment, DSSS & HiperLan schemes including Bluetooth Zigbee and IEEE 802.11,

Licenced GSM/UMTS Base Station Architecture Equipment.

Multiple unlicenced low frequency 418Mhz through to proprietary Secure 5.8Ghz bands.