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We measure success in a number of ways of course project wins matter  but also what we do as an organisation for our environment around us. We can’t support everything but our areas of interest are.


PSP: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

We previously supported this programme engaging with a clinical trial being undertaken at UCLH to widen knowledge of this neurological disease.

Primary education across Sub Saharan Africa ( PEAS)

A clear passion for us is education and we think the team at PEAS are doing a fantastic job undertaken a new schools opening programme in Uganda. We’ve sponsored a class room so far but with your help would like to get to a school.


If you would like to hear more about we are doing or would like your organization to get involved please contact us.


Engineering Services

Molvodi provides engineering and technical capabilities across the entire sensor solution chain including electronic design and development, real-time signal processing, embedded software, networked communications and display systems.

In addition to our electronics foundations we support these with specific areas of Optical and Mechanical disciplines. This provides us with a basis to design anything from an integrated camera, optics and illumination system for laboratory inspection of high precision assemblies to complex mechanisms featuring Finite Element and thermal analysis.

In summary we provide;

Complete end to end system design encompassing feasibility studies, MVP through to manufacture

Application specific algorithms or tasks implemented in CPLD/FPGA or DSP technologies

Comprehensive Printed Circuit Board Board Design

Advanced RF Design

Embedded Software Development

Optics Assemblies

Mechanical mechanism to enclosure Design

System Integration & Verification and Test

End Product Delivery

In service obsolescence management

Supported equipment monitoring and Service Level Agreement management


With all of the above services we are pleased to operate in a proprietary manner or where required engage in collaborative engineering with your internal teams.